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How To Shop The Sales

If you haven’t already hit the January sales, now is the time to do so and there’s so much out there at the moment! But do you know how to shop the sales? High Street shops tend to bring out the same old boring tat from their storerooms season after season and mix it with a few pieces from their current reduced range. This year is different though, and the shops are brimming with rails upon rails of great clothes!

It can be difficult to know where to start looking amongst all the ‘SALE’ signs, and frankly, they’re a minefield! If you can, book a session with a stylist at Style Doctors, to determine your personalised colour palate and style tips beforehand (it may even be worth having one of us look through your current wardrobe to determine any missing gaps!). However, if you can’t, to avoid frustration, pointless purchases, or a generally fruitless day: know your clothes size, and know your style.

One question my clients always ask me is “how do I know when I’ve found a bargain?’ So, if shopping with a stylist is not an option for you right now but you just love a sale; before you hit the high street, make sure you are armed with my Top Three Rules for:

Shopping in the Sales…

  1. It’s not a bargain unless you would be willing to pay full price for it.
  1. Many people buy items that don’t fit them in the hope that they will lose weight and be able to wear them. Fashion changes so quickly, so my advice is unless it’s a timeless piece and you’re certain to lose the weight, it’s not a worthy investment.
  1. Don’t buy anything that needs mending unless you absolutely love it and have a good tailor. You’ll never get around to it and it will just take up valuable space in your wardrobe forever unworn.

Stephanie x

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