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Shopping And Style On Instagram

Do you often see clothes or accessories in magazines that you never seem to find in stores? Perhaps you see things online that you can’t locate? We understand that this can be very frustrating and that’s why through our Instagram page, our stylists share images of items they’ve seen when they’re out shopping. Why do we do this? We want to show you what’s in stores in real-time and not ‘coming soon’. Even if you haven’t booked with us yet, we want to share some of our expert knowledge with you (for free!)

We try to show a wide variety of items that we see on our shopping travels from shoes to make-up and all come with our personal stylists and personal shoppers seal of approval.

Are you someone that doesn’t like to shop but likes seeing a small selection of the things you might like in one place? That’s what we aim to do with our inspiration Instagram page. You can even click to buy some of the items straight from the picture.


Our personal shoppers an personal stylists are out everyday with clients and know exactly what’s in every store from high street to designer. Would you love someone to be able to take to straight to the shops where you know you can buy what a need straight away? Booking a personal shopper or stylist saves you time and money. Our stylists really do have an encyclopaedic memory of where everything is located.

If shopping is something that fills you with dread and feels like a big chore why not book a personal shopping session to save you time and money and get all the items you need in record time.

In the meantime, we’d love for you to join us on our Instagram page here.

Style Doctors x

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