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Show Off Your Shape

One of the hardest things to achieve with your wardrobe is to dress for your body shape confidently. Most of us are guilty of dressing in a negative way. That means, trying to hide parts of our bodies that we dislike, rather than showing off your shape.

Here we’ve put together a quick tutorial on how to take a simple garment and by adjusting or adding something, making it more flattering for you. From tucking in one side of simple tank top to just adding a necklace, small adjustments like these are the ultimate ways to show off your shape rather than hide it.

Watch The Video // Show Off Your Shape

As you can see, if you decide to accentuate your body shape or not your outfit can still look completely put together from head to toe. Sometimes the curves we are most afraid of showing off can really be styled to your benefit. Adding just a simple belt to a dress or high-waisted trousers can highlight the shape you didn’t realise you had. Accessories are also a great way to draw attention to and away from areas and can even help elongate the body.

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by Peyton & Maggie

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