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Stylists v Bloggers – Social Media & Styling

The rise of the popularity of many stylists and stylish people on social media serve as a hub of inspiration for those interested. However, what makes a stylist different from a stylish person on Instagram? Our stylists Charlotte, Elin, Leena and Sara address this question in our latest YouTube Video below.

Like many, we enjoy and are very much a part of the endless scrolls of fashionable feeds on social media. It is interesting to see the shift of magazines being the sole fashion influence and how everyday people can now take style inspiration from a number of other like minded people from around the world.

“Influencers are great at dressing themselves but could they take on the challenge and dress someone with a different body-shape and budget to themselves?”

Social Media & Styling

Whilst it’s great to take daily inspiration from Instagram, we as stylists get to know you as a person, we understand the Psychology of styling for someone else and are trained in the art of colour, body shape and have an in-depth knowledge of stock from high-street to designer.

Here at Style Doctors, we collectively have years of experience styling for a diverse clientele from 8 to 80. As stylists we understand that personal style varies from person to person and that every client has their session tailored exactly to them. Whether you’re spending two hours or the full day with one or more of our team, you walk away feeling accomplished.

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