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Spring Summer 2017 Trends to Watch

It’s only February but it is just about time we all start thinking about putting together spring wardrobes. To help you out, we’ve gathered a few of our favourite concepts we think will be the biggest Spring Summer 2017 trends to watch. But don’t worry, for those who still can’t escape the winter just yet, these trends are very much wearable during colder days as well. Black is back in a big way this spring which is also great news for those of us who struggle to make that transition from one season to the next.


Mesh is here to stay and we’re loving it. Although, its easy to fall in love with the new mesh/fishnet pieces popping up all over retail and the runway, it can be hard to feel confident in such shear pieces. Subtle incorporation of the trend can come from mesh panelled tops and skirts or accessories like chokers. For those who love being bold, a complete mesh top with a bralette or camisole underneath is the way to go.

Lingerie Inspired

No, we don’t recommend wearing your underwear as clothes for everyone to see. however intimate inspired pieces are one of this year’s biggest trends along with pyjama inspired apparel. You may have caught on in the past couple months that this trend is much easier to style during the spring time. Our stylists recommend lace, bustier silhouettes, and satin to give your spring wardrobe the perfect romantic vibe.  We are seeing tons of bralettes on the runway but for more versatile pieces, shop satin slip dresses, lace tops and things with a loose fitting silhouette. If you can’t wait to wear your slip dresses, style them with a turtleneck underneath to keep warm.

Midi Black Mesh Dress | Spotted Mesh Top | Lace Body | Patent Heels | Lace Silk Dress | Patent Leather Skirt | Patent Ankle Boot

Patent Leather

Yes, patent leather may seem like a winter fabric but it will become a staple this upcoming season. Mini skirts and ankle boots and even skinny jeans are styles to look for when shopping for patent leather this spring. Styling your new patent leather items can be as easy as styling your traditional leather pieces. Patent booties can easily replace your go to booties you probably wear every day.  For something extra, don’t forget colour changes everything!  Don’t always turn to black because patent leather looks great in so many other colours like red.

These are just a few of our favourite spring trends to look out for. Weather you’re looking to just update your wardrobe or completely revamp your closet, hiring a style doctor will provide more insight! We can help pick out the right pieces that fit your personality while keeping your wardrobe on trend. Click here to shop our different style packages.

by Nicole

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