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The Statement Pieces You Need In Your Wardrobe

No wardrobe is complete without a few signature pieces – the kind that guarantee to turn heads and gain compliments. Statement pieces are not made for special occasions only. Here we share with you the statement pieces you need in your wardrobe, along with a few pointers on how you can incorporate these into your daily looks.

A great wardrobe is all about balance. To create amazing outfits you need both statement pieces and essentials. Remember that wardrobe essentials are not the stars of the outfit. They communicate effectively with statement pieces to create a stylish look. Having a wide variety of mix-and-match items can really be helpful to make the overall outfit look harmonious.

the statement pieces you need in your wardrobe style doctors personal stylists style board

Checked Tunic Top | Wool Trousers | Patterned Silk Shirt | Bronze Sunglasses | Leather Box Bag | Buckle Belt | Tan Platform Sandals | Analogue Watch

You want your outfits to have a little pop, but you don’t want to overdo it. The way to do this is by finding the right balance between the clothes that catch attention and the ones that let them shine. When you think of statement pieces, think of things like bold-colour clothing, leather jackets or accessories. They are that little bit of extra flavour you add to your simple outfit to make it pop.

Bold blouse – give your basic shirt an update with some patterns and embellishments. Team it up with solid pants and jeans. They’re a classic but depending on the colour and style you go for, they can be pleasantly off-beat. A statement accessory like a clutch bag or a watch can take any old outfit to something amazing in seconds. Try unique colours and finishes. When you need that power statement, your fun jacket or blazer will do the trick. We recommend having at least one in your wardrobe.

the statement pieces you need in your wardrobe style doctors stylists spring 2016 clothes trends patterns

Lace Jersey | Light Blue Trousers | Striped Grab Bag | Mac Coat | Twill Culottes | Fringed Waistcoat | Embroidered Blouse | Heeled Shoes | Embellished Clutch Bag

Don’t forget to get creative with your outfits. Try something new all the time, and incorporate a style you wouldn’t normally try. Clothes should be a fun way to express yourself. What are your statement pieces? How do you balance them? We love to hear from you! If you feel like you struggle to create outfits and make the most out of your wardrobe, you can reach out to our stylists for personalised advice. See our packages for a service that is tailored for you.

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