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Statement Style For Men

Do you often walk past stores and think to yourself ‘that looks great’ and continue walking? This is a problem that most of us go through which is often caused by a lack of confidence. At Style Doctors we believe there’s a unique and individual style out there for everyone but finding the confidence to wear something different is not always easy.

Statement Style For Men

People often confuse ‘statement style’ as an outfit full of bright colours and wacky designs. If this were true I’m sure many of us would disown the word statement and opt for something a little less obvious.

Investing in statement pieces doesn’t always mean buying a whole new outfit either. It simply means buying one off pieces that complement the outfits you already own. Not only does this save you overindulging but helps keep your wardrobe options manageable.

If you’re in need of a new style but not sure where to begin, start by adding different colours in small doses. Watches, bags, cuff-links, trainers and scarves are a good place to start. This is a great way to introduce a new style without drawing unwanted attention to yourself. Sometimes change can be overwhelming and it’s best to adjust to something new one step at a time. Always remember, stick to tones that compliment your skin complexion and keep the rest of your outfit simple. It’s the minor details that make a person’s style unique.


Camo coat | Vans trainers | Adidas superstars | Wallet | Baseball cap | Glasses | Scarf | Cuff-links | Fedora hat | Belt | Watch | Adidas stansmiths

Adidas Stan Smiths are a great versatile shoe that can be worn with a number of outfits. They can be matched with jeans, trousers, shorts and even a tailored suit. Trainers are a fun a creative way to add character to any outfit. Be sure to invest in the right shoe for your body shape too. Not sure? Ask our stylists!

Most of all, don’t be afraid to try something different. We are often our own worst enemy when it comes to convicing ourselves whether we should buy or not buy. If you need a second opinion or struggle to find the right clothes to project your personality, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Creating a statement wardrobe can be challenging but Style Doctors are here to help. Book a menswear stylist experience here.

Michaela x

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