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Style Rules of Effortlessly Chic Women

Effortless style doesn’t come easy to everyone, however there are some tips we can share with you to make this more attainable. Looking laid-back and stylish does take a little effort and there are a few secrets to looking (and feeling) great every day. If you often look at others and wonder how they create stylish looks with ease it’s usually because they follow the following style rules.

Below are some of our top choices from the new launched Dorothy Perkins’ Style Heroes campaign. These on-trend pieces will easily work with everything you already own in your wardrobe, while helping you create the effortless look.

Tip #1 – The Three Colour Rule

A good tip is to use three different colours or tones in your outfit or accessories. This will help narrow down your options when your picking out outfits in a rush. Keeping to a simple palette is something that European women often do and this helps ensure that all of the pieces you own can easily be mixed and matched together. This also ensures that your outfits appear timeless. We recommend investing in great staple pieces in base colours.

dorothy perkins how to look effortlessly chic

Denim Pinafore Dress | Navy Spot Ruffle Top | Peep Sling Back | Earrings | Satchel Bag

Tip #2 – Master Layering

Layering is something that often eludes women and this is often due to a fear of looking ‘over-done’ or ‘too busy.’ The key to great layering is all about using well-fitting pieces that flatter your body-shape. Always start with a fitted garment such as a camisole and start building on top of this. Avoid over-sized silhouettes and mix both fitted pieces (such as a camisole) and more over-sized pieces such as a shirt or sweater and bring the whole silhouette together with a fitted jacket.

Use the rule of three again; Your basic outfit + jewellery + a scarf + belt, statement shoe or handbag. As you get more confident, add a cardigan, hat or belt.

Tip #3 – Embrace Colour

Even if you’re not a fan of wearing an array of bright tones, including a hint of colour into your daily outfit can bring your whole look together, turning a simple outfit into something attractive and covet-worthy. Remember that to look effortless means you didn’t over think your outfit.

Tip #4 – Shop Your Stripes

Stripes are timeless and pair well with just about anything. They’re chic and very easy to style. There’s nothing more chic than channeling Parisian style icons. Opt for at least one, fun patterned piece that will make your look stand out. Stripes are also ageless and can be worn for both work and weekend occasion.

dorothy perkins how to look effortlessly chic

Cropped Trousers | Pencil Skirt | Pinny Dress | Shoulder Body TopFrill Shirt | Heel Sandals | Blanket Cardigan |Clutch Bag | Silver Wristlet |Peep Toe Shoes | Tassel Necklace |Sleeveless Jacket

There is an art to styling yourself and if you stick to some of our stylist tips, looking effortless will be easier to achieve. If you feel like you struggle to create timeless outfits, you can reach out to our stylists for personalised advice. See our packages for a service that is tailored for you.

evelina-style-doctors-personal-stylist-london by Evelina


  1. DMD - March 2, 2016 9:14 pm

    We love this selection!
    Effortless chic inspiration is perfect, because you look chic but at the same time it’s so comfortable!
    We can’t wait for the Summer, in order to try some of those looks!

    • Evelina Wyporska - March 3, 2016 9:42 pm

      Thank you. We’re glad you liked it!


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