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Style The Stylists with Reiss

Our stylists help change the wardrobes and lives of women and men across the UK on a daily basis and combined have styled well over ten thousand people. They work hard every single day making sure their clients come away looking and feeling their best.

In our Style The Stylists feature, it was their turn to style each other with the help of REISS. Aya, Deni, Elin and Michaela helped style each other for our video and photo-shoot using clothes and shoes from one of our favourite global brands.

Just like our clients, our stylists have their own unique personal style, however styling each other proved to be a fun task! All with different body shapes, different skintones and obvious likes and dislikes, see how they styled each other below.

Style The Stylists: Watch The Video

Aya // Day to day Aya is usually found wearing Sports Luxe looks and is rarely seen in anything but trousers therefore the modern take on a two piece suit suited her perfectly.

Deni // Is usually found in a rock chic inspired look and the minimal dress was a departure for her but also fitted in with her glamorous and feminine side.

Elin // Would describe her style as eclectic and usually wears separates. This dusky pink is a colour she often favours and the ruffles give her athletic body-shape a feminine feel.

Michaela // Michaela is a lover of clean lines and chic shapes and this jumpsuit suits her style personality perfectly.

Stylists Left To Right: Deni, Aya, Elin and Michaela | Photography by Benjamin Champman

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Deni’s Dress | Pointed Heels | Elin’s Dress | Aya’s Jacket | Aya’s Trousers |  Michaela’s Jumpsuit | Suede Mules

Find out more about our styling team here and book a session with one of our stylists here.

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