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Summer Hair Fix

Does the summer sunshine tempt you into calling up the salon to mix in some highlights or go for a lighter shade overall? Keep your hair soft and shiny all season long with some of these summer hair fix tips, whether you reach for the bleach or not!

Re-hydrate with hair masks – they are great all year round, but in the summer sun your hair can feel dry even quicker than usual. Get your strands on the mend fast with a deep conditioning mask, or mix up a DIY concoction of your own. My favorite at home remedy is a mixture of honey and oil; I usually use coconut oil and let it sit in my hair for as long as I can stand before washing it out. If you are a fan of lazy Sundays, double up and have a hair/face mask combo session while you catch up on watching a TV show or reading a book!

SPF isn’t just for your skin – your hair needs protection from the element too, especially if it is color treated! Finding a product that protects your hair from the sun will help to keep it strong and also prevent your hair color from fading. Find a new hat to accessorize with while also protecting your hair. If you are a frequent swimmer, try rinsing you hair ahead of time and adding some leave in conditioner to protect your hair before getting in chlorinated or salt water.

Main Image: VogueHat | Curling iron | Hair oil | Conditioning masque | Salt spray | Leave-in conditioner

Give your hair a break from heat styling – even if it’s just for one day a week. It’s the perfect excuse to try out a new up-do, or to just embrace your natural hair texture. If you struggle to put down the hot tools try not to double up. Give yourself some extra time to let your hair completely air dry before you curl or straighten your hair. Experiment with different braids while your hair is drying to add some texture and wave to your hair when you take them out!

Contact one of our makeup artists if you are looking for more summer beauty tips, or treat yourself with a summer makeover!

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