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The 10 Piece Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

Is a 10 piece holiday capsule wardrobe all it’s cracked up to be? For those who try on at least three outfits before heading down to the bar on a beach holiday, a 10-piece capsule wardrobe probably sounds like hell. However, it is a solution for those who need to pack light – perhaps for a mini break, or limited weight allowance – and if you don’t mind being an outfit repeater, it’s a great concept.

As well as your underwear and toiletries, these 10 items should feature in your suitcase:

1. Well fitting bikini top

Choose a plain coloured bikini top that fits well, then mix and match this with a few bottoms in similar shades – metallic, neutrals and black are the safest options.

2. Fitted t-shirt

Plain women’s t-shirts on the beach or by the pool to cover up, when you want to nip to grab some lunch or head back to the room for something. A strappy cami top is a great alternative for very warm climates. Choose a simple colour such as white or pale blue (depending on your skin-tone) and add accessories to dress this up.

3. Sarong

Sarongs are a great item to have with you on your holiday, as they can be adapted for any situation. Wear it for its intended purpose as a sarong on the beach or by the pool but it can also double up as a scarf to cover your shoulders in the evening if there’s a chilly wind around. It can also be used as a towel if you forget yours, as something to sit on if the ground is dirty or even a blanket on the plane journey there and back.

4. Comfy sandals

Find sandals that can be worn when walking around the hotel and pool but that also don’t rub and blister if you head out on an excursion or take a look around the town nearby. These can also be worn in the evening if they look smart enough – black or tan sandals that buckle up at the ankle are a good option.

5. Sunglasses

One of the most versatile accessories you will pack, not only can you protect your eyes from the sun’s glare at all times but they’re also great for make-up free days.

Bikini | Fitted T Shirt | Sarong | Comfy Sandals | Sunglasses | Jersey Maxi Dress | Straw Bag | Kimono | Loose Trousers | Maxi Skirt

6. Jersey material maxi dress

Take one of these to wear in the daytime as a cover up or if you head out for lunch. A simple black or grey maxi dress works for day and evening.

7. Canvas or straw bag

Canvas or straw is great for use at both the beach and if you nip out for drinks in the evening. Choose a bag that’s big enough to hold your towel and everything you need in the day but that still looks stylish enough for the evening – embroidered designs are on trend at the moment.

8. Kimono jacket

These are not only excellent cover ups for the daytime but pair them with that slinky maxi dress and you have a gorgeous outfit to enjoy in the evening.

9. Loose fitting trousers

Elasticated waist harem trousers are back in style this summer, in fun prints to suit every taste. These look great when paired with that basic t-shirt and those comfy sandals, plus the kimono for stylish but easy eveningwear. If you’re looking for a cool fabric, look I suggest something in linen or 100% cotton.

10. Long length skirt

A longer length skirt is versatile enough to wear for numerous occasions throughout your holiday. It can cover up your bottom half throughout the day while on the beach or when paired with a cami top, can look stylish enough for the evening.

Not only does the 10-piece capsule wardrobe take the stress out of packing, it’s cost effective, space saving and easy to fit into a suitcase. Try it out this year on your summer holiday and you won’t turn back, it really is all it’s cracked up to be.

Why not book a two hour style session to ensure that you have the perfect 10 piece wardrobe.

by guest writer Chloe Marchbank

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