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The Client And The Stylist

Here at Style Doctors, we collectively have years of experience styling for a diverse clientele from 8 years old to 80. As stylists we understand that personal style varies from person to person and as a result every client has their session tailored exactly to them. Whether you’re spending two hours or a full day with one or more of our team, you walk away feeling accomplished.

 Is a personal stylist’ worth the money?

”A short term investment, for long term saving money”- Leena (Style Doctors personal stylist)

Can you list the amount of times you have purchased something on impulse? The amount of times you’ve had ‘nothing to wear’ whilst your wardrobe is brimming with clothes or the amount of times you have purchased something too small with the hopes of one day fitting. If you think of all the time and money wasted, the idea booking a personal stylist becomes more appealing.

Our personal stylists are specifically trained in the art of style, body shapes and colour and we have an extensive knowledge of High-Street and Luxury shops. As a result we know which retailers are best for certain items, which makes the shopping experience more organised and enjoyable.

The Client And The Stylist

Due to our extensive training and experience in the field of style, our stylists will be able to teach and assist you with building your personal style and which key shapes and style of clothing that compliment your body. As well as money, our shopping experience saves you time and stress of an impromptu shopping splurge.

As you see in the video we have had testimonials from a range of happy clients who came into the experience thinking one thing and having certain limitations or expectations of the experience but left feeling completely accomplished. Our friendly team of trained stylists are extremely passionate about what they do and get as much out of the session as you. It is our goal to make sure that you leave the session feeling good about yourself and happy about your purchases. We always follow up with our clients following each session and most importantly get to know you and understand your lifestyle in order to make the session as successful as possible and often than most have repeat clients.

Whether you are looking to have a wardrobe consultation and build a capsule wardrobe, looking to build an impressive work wardrobe or just need a beautiful outfit for an upcoming event, Style Doctors have a package for you. Our sessions vary from as little to two hours or as much as a full days session. Contact us today to find out what package is best for you and your needs.

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