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The Difference Between Fashion And Style

People often mistake fashion for style or think perhaps that they are the one and same, and whilst they certainly do go hand in hand they are 100% NOT the same. Style is not fashion, and fashion is not style.

The difference between fashion and style:

You can follow every fashion rule you read in every magazine and still never be stylish. Equally so you can never open a glossy magazine or follow what others are wearing and be gloriously stylish!

Here’s why:

Stylish women are not afraid to take fashion risks, they might take a shirt and wear it in a completely different way than it was intended to be worn. They do this with confidence, and they feel comfortable in the way that they are wearing it. This is what makes it stylish, and this is what turns heads and give them that wow factor.

The other thing that stylish people do is to have their own trademark. They put their own stamp on all the trendy outfits or looks they create. Whether that’s as simple as a red lipstick that they are never seen without, or that great black blazer that looks fantastic with absolutely everything they wear, or the way they always roll up their trousers, or always wear a fabulous belt with every look they create.

Lastly, and most importantly: stylish people don’t pay attention to the inside of a clothes label or to sizing. They own clothes in a wide range of sizes and understand that STYLE = A GOOD FIT. People who struggle to be stylish are those who get hung up on sizes and insist on buying a certain size or nothing at all, irrespective of how it looks, because in their minds, they are a size 10 and so that’s what they need to wear.

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Stephanie x

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  1. Padli - June 5, 2015 7:23 pm

    Trends fashion Style … Very Beautiful


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