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The Importance Of Wearing The Right Colours

Let me ask you a question…Have you ever noticed that when you wear a particular piece of clothing you own such as a top or dress, people compliment you or say how well you look and ask if you’ve been on a holiday? Shhhhh! I’ll let you in on a secret – That’s because you’re wearing the right colours for you. Your personal colour palate is as individual as you are and it can slim you or take years off in an instant.

Many of us are afraid to step outside of black, “it’s safe”, “it’s slimming”, “it goes with everything”, “it doesn’t draw attention to us”. These are the little clichés we tell ourselves over and over whilst slowly drowning in a sea of various shades of black. And whilst black may be the right base colour for some, it can be and IS too harsh for most of us.

Now if you’ve suddenly realised that you’re not getting these compliments and that it’s probably because you’re not wearing the right colours, or even just that black isn’t right for you, and you have a closest full of it, don’t despair. Before you go marching down to the charity shop with your entire wardrobe in bin bags, consider that the colour rules can be bent slightly, as long as you are wearing the right colours close to your face! Now’s the time to go through your accessories, scarves, necklaces, earrings, hats. Buying a few of these inexpensive pieces can mean your current wardrobe of black will be able to stick around for seasons to come.


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If you want to find out your personal colour palate, book a session with one of our stylists, and start changing the way others see you. We also offer an online consultation here.

Stephanie x

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