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The Minimalist Menswear Trend

Minimalist fashion is traditionally inspired by art, architecture, and interior design. The main focus being structured shapes, texture and subtle detailing. This minimalist menswear trend is modern and futuristic! People who dress in accordance with minimal fashion tend to give the impression of an extremely up-to-date and fashion forward individual.

Minimalist Menswear Trend

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Chords Fever Wool Bomber JacketAlka East Logo SweaterMountain Trousers Trousers | Trainers | Minimal Watch | Leather Backpack

Urban and simplistic, Libertine-Libertine’s latest A/W16 collection (available at John Lewis) provides just this and array of high quality garments, striking and equilateral in form.

Libertine-Libertine was established in Copenhagen during the summer of 2009. The brand is based on existentialism, high quality and well-designed products. Libertine-Libertine strives to stimulate the creative soul without restrictions. Inspired by city lights, wild shores & contemporary culture, the collections define an assured and effortless design consisting of seasonal styles and a new take on classics.

Composed of clean lines and simple fabrics, the collection is a compass of easy to mix and match pieces. Laying lucid items in various, distinctive colours and lengths from the collection adds body and depth to your look helping you present a put-together appearance. With the right brand you can’t go wrong! Two pieces or five pieces, there are no boundaries.

Think minimal; shirts, jumpers, jackets, trousers and you’re complete. Libertine- Libertine’s colour palettes are all neutral and complimentary, no over thinking involved! This also means that your whole wardrobe works together. Gone are the day of wandering what goes with what!


Dash Tame Roll Neck JumperMountain Trousers Trousers | Panama Hunter Shirt | Trainers | Glasses | Scarf | Backpack

Exceptional tailoring, luxury fabrics, and outlandish proportions are a few characteristic to keep in mind when putting together a minimalist look. Focus around quality and investment pieces that are high end but understated. Keep your palette paired-down to four tones in one or two basic hue’s. Graphics can work but they must be simplistic and kept to a single focal point.

If a minimalist menswear wardrobe is something you’re interested in creating, book a men’s styling session with one of our Style Doctors. We can help you curate some of the key garments necessary when creating the menswear minimalist look.

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