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The Dressed Down Suit – Mens Style

Don’t get us wrong – we are all about men wearing suits. But sometimes it gets tiring having to dress up full force everyday. We’ve decided (along with Gieves & Hawkes, Canali and Brioni, to name a few) that it is okay to dress down your suit. Although this might not work for all workplaces, there are still ways to work around the traditional collar and tie with the dressed down suit.

Originally, the tie was designed to draw one’s eyes up to the face and the collar presents the neck in a flattering way. You can still remain powerful and professional without either.

To work around the tie, you can wear a collared shirt with one or two buttons unbuttoned max. We would advise against unbuttoning any more just to remain professional. Also remember that the fully buttoned collar is no longer just for the nerd; it is formal but not fussy.

If you wish to mix the collar and tie altogether, try a plain, neutral tee under your jacket. This creates a refreshing, young look. You can also try a sport luxe look with a simple white crew neck, too. As we still battle winter weather, think about tossing on a thin gauge knitwear sweater under your jacket. Roll necks also look great paired with a suit coat.


Finally, consider combining trainers or work-boots with your invigorating, modern look for a pleasant change from the loafer.

It’s not hard to remain smart and sophisticated looking without a collar and tie. Especially with classic tailoring, it is super easy to create new alternatives and combinations within your suit wardrobe. Keep in mind, though, what your outfit looks like without the design of your jacket to pull your look together.

If you want to find more ways to up your suit ante – book a session with one of our style experts.

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