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Think You Need To Lose Weight Before Booking A Personal Shopper?

Do you think you need (or would like) to lose weight before booking a personal shopper or personal styling session? This is something we hear all the time and people say that they’d love to invest in a stylist however they feel like they’d like to get to their ideal weight first.

We are firm believers in dressing for the here and now. Regardless of your shape or weight we can make you look and feel fantastic. Are you a plus size woman and see other people with a similar shape looking fantastic and wish you could look like them? You can!

Looking great in not something exclusive to ‘thin’ people. It’s about wearing the right colours, shapes and styles for you.

People often think that they will look better once they are slimmer but what if that journey takes much longer than you had anticipated? What will you wear in the meantime? What will happen to your confidence?

We have seen people many times put off booking a stylist session to lose weight and the weight never drops off for any number of reasons. We always encourage people to shop for them in the moment. What inevitably happens after a styling session is that people either think you’ve already lost weight as you’re now wearing the right clothes or that you’re so happy in your new outfits that you start losing weight naturally without the pressure of that voice saying ‘YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT’.

Do you know that you can look at least two sizes smaller just by wearing the right clothes? We all have a tendency to have out ‘fat clothes’ which we hide underneath when we feel heavier than we’d like to however these clothes are usually big and baggy. These clothes 99% of the time have an adverse affect by making people looking bigger than they actually are.

Whatever your body shape we all have good bits and not so good bits (never bad!) It’s about learning to embrace and show off your best bits in the right way and that’s what our stylists can do for you.

If you’re worried about spending hundreds of pounds on clothes that will become too big in 2 months, our stylists can show you how to create multiple outfits that will see you through your weight loss and beyond. As they know where to find everything, they’ll be able to buy things for you that will work whether you’re a size 22 or 12!

Start the new year feeling great about yourself and book a personal stylist experience.

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