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Top 5 Wardrobe Staples

In our latest video, one of our stylists Elin Mai shares her stylist tips on the top 5 wardrobe staples every woman needs.

“Wardrobe staples are more difficult to source than people think. Yes, you can go out and buy any of these items throughout the year but it’s all about sourcing the perfect fit, quality and style for you and that’s where a stylist comes in. An expert will be able to find you these pieces in no time and once you have these in your wardrobe, anything is possible” – says Elin Mai.

Wardrobe Staples For Every Woman

We often get asked if every woman needs these staples and our answer is always, yes. Having the right staples in your wardrobe means that you can then go on to build a successful and well-rounded wardrobe.  We always recommend investing in these wardrobe staples as these are the foundations of your looks that should stand the test of time.

A Nude Heel or Boot

As these are a neutral colour, regardless of what colours you’re wearing on any given day, these will work with everything. Not a heels person? Opt for a nude flat instead.


Whether it’s faux fur, printed or silk, a scarf immediately adds colour and texture to any outfit. A big bonus with a scarf is that it also fits everyone!


Nude Heels | Black Biker Jacket | Fur Scarf | Nude Boots | Jeans | Cluse Watch  | Tiffany Earrings  | Main Image

Leather Biker Jacket

A wardrobe staple that our stylists buy time and time again regardless of age or size. This is a wardrobe staple that can be worn throughout the year for both casual and smarter occasions.


Finding the perfect pair of jeans can be life changing! A pair that makes you feel and look your best in a must-have in every wardrobe. There IS a style our there to suit everyone!

The Basics

Neutral tops act as a great base and works as a blank canvas to any outfit. We always recommend having a good selection of these.

To understand more about curating the perfect wardrobe staples for your body-shape, lifestyle and budget, book a style session with one of our stylists.


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