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The Benefits Of Using A Personal Shopper

What are the benefits of using a Personal Shopper? We often hear ‘why would I spend my money on the cost of a personal stylist when I could spend that money on clothes?’

We like to compare this to using any service for example a decorator. Sure, we could paint a wall but the decorator would do a much better job. Of course, we could try to do our taxes but an accountant would do much better job.

A personal shopper is just the same. Sure, you can shop by yourself and people do, of course. We could give anyone some money and they could spend it but would they spend it on the right things? Most of the time the answer is no.

Shopping with a personal stylist or personal shopper is just like any other service but in our eyes possibly the most important one of all. Nothing feels better than getting up and having not to even think about what works together. After a personal shopping trip, everything you own will have a place and a purpose. As a personal shopper knows exactly where to find everything you’ll be truly amazed as to what can be achieved in only an hour.

Matching colours and making sure that everything works in harmony with each other is also another important part of what a personal shopper does.

Some of our client comments:

‘I’ve achieved more with you in four hours than I’ve achieved in the past year by myself.’

‘I never thought I’d come away with so much, I can’t believe how many outfits I have’.

‘I have never tried on so many clothes in my life and I can’t believe that everything I tried on looked great on me’.

‘I’m never shopping alone again. In fact, I don’t know why anyone does. This is more fun, cost effective and time effective’.

‘I cannot believe that I have a whole new wardrobe (and new me) in four hours’.

It’s the last comment is what we thrive to achieve the most. You are guaranteed to come away from a personal shopping session with a new found love for getting dressed again (we promise!)

Fun, cost effective, time saving and you can rest assured that whatever you’re doing or wherever you’re going, you’ll look fantastic.

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