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Wardrobe staples that everyone needs

When you are building your perfect wardrobe, starting with a strong foundation is key. By investing in quality basic wardrobe essentials, you can easily build off of those pieces to create outfits that reflect your own personal style. Below are five essential wardrobe pieces are the building blocks of a perfect wardrobe!

1. Dresses: It’s important to find a style that compliments your body shape and you feel comfortable in – you won’t wear it if you don’t feel confident! Basics can be dressed up, or worn more casually. Accessories with scarves, belts, and jewelry to get the most out of this wardrobe staple!

2. Dark wash denim: Regardless of the cut, dark wash denim is a classic. With the right styling, you favorite jeans can be worn super casually or glammed up for a night out. Make sure you follow the correct care instructions to keep the color from fading – unless you are going for that look!

3. Leather jacket: If you are looking to invest in one piece in your wardrobe, start here. A well crafted leather jacket can last you ages, and will only get softer and fit you better the more you wear it. The fact that you instantly feel cooler when wearing one is just an added bonus!

4. Basic black or nude heels: Whether you pick a pair of pumps, wedges, or heeled boots, a basic pair of heels can pull together your outfit that also lengthens your legs. Choose a height that is comfortable to get the most out of your shoes!

5. Classic handbag: Handbags are a fun and functional way to accessories your outfit, but having a sturdy, basic handbag is an important wardrobe essential. Be mindful of size when you are choosing a bag because if you go too big and it will likely get very heavy quickly and too small won’t be functional for frequent use.


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Struggling to find basics like these that work for you? Contact one of our stylists to help you build your ideal wardrobe from the foundation up!

Hannah x

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