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Weighing Up The Cost Of A Personal Shopper Or Personal Stylist

The cost of a personal shopper or stylist may seem like a large expense and lots of people equate the fee of a stylist to the cost of buying an items of clothing and ask themselves…

‘Why would I spend in excess of £200 on a personal stylist when I could add that to a shopping budget?’

The answer is simple, as the stylist will only buy items that you can wear in multiple ways, time and time again, are timeless and are just right for you 100% of our clients agree that booking a personal shopper saves you money including the fee paid for the services.

As people often don’t know the stock of each shop like our professional stylists people often pay too much for certain items as they don’t know where to find that item for a better price.

After shopping with us 100% clients say that they end up shopping less as they feel like they have enough in their wardrobes to create multiple outfits. People also find that they are not constantly shopping for that key item that’s missing.

In the same time as some people shop for a top or a dress to wear to an event you should expect to have a completely new wardrobe when shopping with one of our personal shoppers.

If you’re someone that comes home from shopping trips often still feeling like you still need to shop some more to finish off your wardrobe a personal shopper experience would be perfect for you. There are no repeat journey’s to the shops and no trips to the post office to return clothes bought online.

Our expert personal stylists shop on any budget however large or small and will ensure that you come away with a whole wardrobe or key wardrobe essentials. Rather than spending money on outfits that you’ll wear once, you’ll come away with tens of multi-use outfits.

Our personal stylists will ensure that they save you precious time and money and you’ll see the cost of the style session come back to you immediately.

A personal shopper experience is also a great gift as the recipient not only comes away with great outfits but also comes away with a knowledge of how to shop again by themselves and what colours and shapes suit them.

Shopping with an expert personal shopper is an experience and much more than just a shopping trip.

Invest in yourself today and view our packages here.

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