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Wrapping up in style for winter

Winter is in full swing now, and that means it’s time to get cosy. It can be difficult to feel chic and sexy when bundled up from head to toe, but Style Doctors knows that whatever you’re wearing you can look your best. Feeling confident in your winter outerwear is easy if you know basics.

Remember your hair and makeup | Sometimes when the snow falls and the wind blows, our headshot-worthy makeup and hairstyles can get ruined. Hats are cute and cosy, but there are other options if you need to keep your curls in tact and your eyebrow pencil un-smudged. Think billowy scarves, ear warmers, and wide hoods. By wearing these things, you stay warm without creating a frizzy mess.

Longline coats are your best friend | Frigid air can make a walk outdoors miserable. Longer coats cover more, keeping you warmer and making your commute more bearable. When shopping for your coat, look for a tail that hits somewhere past the bum. There are all different shapes and colours for you to choose from, so make sure your new coat reflects your personality too.



Samsoe & Samsoe coat | BOSS leggings | Topshop top | Topshop scarf | ASOS gloves | Aldo boots

Play with textures | Winter is the greatest season to mix and experiment with textures. Think fur, lace, corduroy, felt, suede, wool, denim — the options are nearly endless. Textures create visual interest and give an (otherwise plain) outfit an elegant or interesting edge. Certain textures can also provide extra warmth as well, so keep that in mind when accessorising and putting outerwear looks together.


Diesel jacket | Stradivarius scarf | Ted Baker hat | Carvela boots | Carven dress | H&M tights | ASOS rings

Do you have some ideas of how you’ll start dressing for the cold? Get creative, don’t forget to layer, accessorise, and always remember to show your personality through whatever you’re wearing. Now you know how to be wrapped up cosy, but still chic and sophisticated. If you have any more questions about winter styling, or any fashion inquiries in general, reach out to our friendly stylists.

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