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Holographic Hair: 5 Ways To Pull It Off

Hair is experiencing a big movement right now and the advances of colour technology mean nothing is impossible. The latest trend, holographic hair, is mesmerising, named after the light refraction from holograms on the back of CD cases. According to Teen Vogue, the trend was discovered at the Ross Michaels[…]

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Style The Stylists with Reiss

Our stylists help change the wardrobes and lives of women and men across the UK on a daily basis and combined have styled well over ten thousand people. They work hard every single day making sure their clients come away looking and feeling their best. In our Style The Stylists[…]

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Meet The Personal Stylist – Michaela

We have a fantastic team of personal stylists here at Style Doctors who work with our clients of all ages, shapes and lifestyles. Each one of our styling team have a diverse client base and each one of our personal stylists helps change someones wardrobe (and life) every day. At Style[…]

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Personal Shopper v Personal Stylist

The difference between a personal shopper experience and having a personal stylist can be a little tricky to understand. The term ‘personal shopper’ is more widely used by single retailers whereas the term ‘personal stylist’ refers to someone who works with an unlimited amount of stores. Personal Shopper V Personal[…]


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