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15 Years Of Style Doctors Style Consultancy

Since opening it’s doors in the UK in 2004, Style Doctors Style Consultancy has styled over 12,000 women and men of all ages shapes and sizes. In 2016 the company with our CEO Elin Mai at the helm, launched it’s styling services in New York and Miami and is growing in demand. In 2018, Style Doctors expanded to the UAE offering the same world class styling service our customers have become to know and expect.

Having graduated with a first class honours degree in fashion at Manchester University, Elin Mai worked as a TV stylists, editorial stylist and personal stylist before launching Style Doctors in 2004. With a gap in the market for a styling service for ‘real people’ as she calls them, she was passionate about sharing her styling skills on a one-to-one basis.

“I wanted to create a service for real people who deserve to look and feel their best everyday” – Elin, CEO & Founder

Style Doctors across the years

Corporate stylist training, one-to-one style sessions, style events, branding workshops at Style Doctors

In 2004, there were celebrity stylists around but very little in the way of styling guidance for everyday people. The more people I worked with, the more I became aware of the impact clothes have on people’s moods, outlook on life, relationships and more! The transformation in clients was immediate and very soon after starting Style Doctors, I knew it had the potential to help thousands of people.

Expanding the company

I was a big decision to go from one stylist to hiring others, as people had become to know me as ‘the face of Style Doctors’. It was a leap of faith to hire stylists that would in effect deliver the exact same service as myself. I knew however that this had to be done in order for the company to grow and to be able to offer the service to more people. I am forever thankful for the amazing team of stylists we have at Style Doctors and to the amazing staff behind the scenes.

“It’s amazing how Elin has created this successful company and bought together so many stylists who have such different skill sets” – Stephanie, Stylist

At Style Doctors, we have such a diverse client base from the ages of 8 to 80 in all different shapes and sizes. What makes us unique (and what’s made us make it to 15 years of age), is that we always put our client’s needs first and aim to always deliver a level of service unmatched anywhere.

From seeing individual clients, to hosting corporate styling workshops to helping brands with their styling needs, Style Doctors offers a style solution for any brief.

“Any client who comes to Style Doctors will get the same service whoever they’re with” – Sunna, Stylist

Style Doctors Style Consultancy

Stylists for Oxford Street, Westfield, Dubai personal styling, corporate and brand styling

“As a guy, I was a little scared to enlist the help of a stylist but Elin assured me that it’s something everyone should do as a way to progress and evolve” – Shiraz, Client

Helping people feel good is at the core of Style Doctors; whether that’s helping someone develop their own personal style, helping a brand convey the right message through their image or via a style event.

“Whether our team of stylists is working with an individual for an hour or a large company on a whole new re-brand, we will always uphold the excellent level of service people have become to expect from Style Doctors” – Elin, CEO

We’re looking forward to working with more individuals and companies to help them look and feel great on a daily basis. Take a look at our styling experiences here.

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