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Hiring A Personal Stylist Is A Necessity Not A Luxury

Still to this day so many people still think that using the services of a personal stylist or shopper is a luxury. In our opinion (as we’ve said many times before) that there is no price you can put on the way you feel about yourself and we think that hiring a personal stylist is a necessity not a luxury.

Sure, services can look expensive but can you put a price on being someone being able to change your life in a day? That’s really what can happen after a day or a few hours with one of our personal stylists!

It can be quite difficult to get across on a website or advert how much a personal shopper or personal stylist session can actually do to change your life and that’s why over the years many of our clients have been recommended to us by other people as well as our new clients.

Over the last ten years we’ve helped people find love, get new jobs, promotions and find outfits from everyday life to wedding days.

Being able to dress yourself in clothes that suit you, your lifestyle and your colouring does not come natural to everyone and we want to assure people that they shouldn’t punish themselves if they can’t do this. In our experience around 70% of people are wearing the wrong clothes and can’t successfully shop for themselves and rest assured, you are not alone.

Hiring the services of someone to make you feel and look the very best you can should not be seen as taboo and should be encouraged a lot more.

The money that you may spend on a short weekend away you could come away with s whole new wardrobe that makes you look and feel great and will last you a considerable amount of time.

Of course, we’re not saying that everyone can invest in such a service but if you’r someone who does and can invest in other parts of your life, why not invest in yourself?

You are spending time with an extremely qualified personal stylist during your time with us who has trained in their craft for years. Sure, they are friendly and make shopping as much fun as possible however it’s their job to ensure that you come away with as much as possible in the time possible that’s perfect for you.

With every shop now offering some sort of personal shopper service they have realised that people need guidance to shop. Unfortunately, just like anything else, you get what you pay for and a free stylist will be considerably less qualified and less experienced than a professional stylist, plus you only get to shop in one store.

Hiring any kind if expert should be encouraged not frowned upon, especially when they can change your life forever.

Image: The Little Fashion Box

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