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How To Style Neutrals

Colour has long been a contentious subject in fashion. We often find that you either love colours and embrace them wholeheartedly OR that you’d rather keep in simple and stick to neutrals.

This Autumn, neutral lovers can rejoice as neutrals are no longer the supporting act – they’re taking centre stage!

Don’t be fooled into thinking neutrals are just shades of off-white either. A neutral colour is any ‘non-colour’ i.e. any colour that doesn’t appear on the traditional colour wheel.

In practice, the term ‘neutrals’ means ‘without colour’ also refers to a series of colours that work together, even when thrown together in the dark!

Everyday Neutrals

Coat | Bag | Belt | Shoes | Glasses | Blouse | Earrings | Jeans | Inspiration Image –

Create a bright and captivating ensemble with soft complementary tones. Wear slightly different hues of the same color (like ivory, white and beige or white, off-white) for a timeless and sophisticated look. You can start with darker accessories or outerwear and finish with lighter tops or bottoms.

The tan shoes and darker beige coat act as a perfect contrast to the light garments underneath. We recommend wearing gold with this neutral palette to elevate the look.

Neutral hues can bring a deep sense of calm, relaxation and balance – something we could all use a bit more of!

Neutral Tailoring

Whether you’re going to work or meeting friends for dinner, a tailored neutral look will stand the test of time.

Jacket | Bag | Heels | Earrings | Blouse | Trousers | Sunglasses | Bracelet | Inspiration Image – Gastro Chic

Take advantage of crisp and structured pieces, asymmetrical cuts, pleats, ruffles, belts, knots or statement sleeves to create your perfect style.

White and cream are always on trend and we dare say that you probably have a good amount of these pieces in your closet already. Why not add a warmer shade like beige or more earthy hues like brown, khaki or military green to your wardrobe? These will allow you elevate or even spice up your look without making it too striking.

If you feel like you’re not making the most of your own wardrobe, book a style session with one of our expert stylists here in the UAE.

by Maroua & Jean

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