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How To Master Statement Style

The winter chill doesn’t mean you have to put your style on ice. This is the season for cozy chic, rich & opulent textures; fun prints that will keep you warm and stylish. In other words, some serious statement pieces.

This past year I’ve noticed a fun playfulness making a come back into style! People seem to be rocking bolder looks, combining fun patterns, and just having more fun with their wardrobe than normal, so I headed over to our NYC stylist Meagan for some advice to help me get in on the action!

As usual, we’re thinking about YOU our loyal Style Doctors clients so don’t expect to see anything LadyGaga or Met Gala here.

Wearable, statement style that will simply elevate your daily looks.

Pleated Skirts

Pleats and more specifically, pleated skirts have been everywhere this season. It seems like you can’t go into any store without seeing these long beautiful skirts on display, but how many different ways can you wear them?

Meagan suggests it can be as simple as pairing it with a T-shirt that can be both tucked in or left out. Throwing on an oversized denim jacket can give the look a casual edge whilst wearing a high neck sweater and a nice trench coat dresses it up!

NYC Stylist Meagan shares her tips

Sweater Vests

Next, I just had to inquire about these sweater vests! Sweater vests have even been making a surprising appearance lately (I wonder if the resurgence of Chandler from Friends and his beloved sweater vests might have had something to do with it). Meagan suggests layering one over the top of a shirt dress to make the outfit more suitable for the cold weather. You can layer it over an oxford shirt, but if you wanted to have a more casual look Meagan recommends wearing the sweater vest over a T-shirt and pairing it with your favuorite leather trousers, or a high-waisted jeans.

The Statement Selection

Statement pieces: Pleated Skirt | Belt | Earrings | Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Blouse | Printed Sneakers | Polka Dot Organza Blouse | Statement Purse | Sweater Vest

Polka Dots

The final trend I asked her about was polka dots. Love them or hate them polka dots have been everywhere recently and I had to know what the do’s and don’ts are.

Whether you’re wearing a fully polka-dotted trench coat, or just adding a splash with some polka dot stockings, the trick is to own it confidently!

Also do not be afraid of pattern on pattern! Make up your own rules. Meagan even recommends pairing a striped bodysuit with a polka dot skirt. Or even wearing a polka dot high necked blouse underneath a plaid suit!


If you love the idea of statement style but not sure you’re ready for it yet, accessories are a great way to start. Some feather earrings (think texture here), a large belt with dramatic hardware or a jewelled shoe would all add a hint of ‘statement’ to your outfit. And of course, the easiest way of all to make a statement is with some printed trainers. Style with jeans, a sweater and you are already on your way to making your own style statement!

Don’t be afraid to step a little outside of your comfort zone, play around with these bolder trends, and make them your own. As long as you feel great you are wearing it right!

If you have any more questions and would like some more help getting inspired with your wardrobe or have any questions about styling in general, please feel free to contact us. All of our talented Style Doctors are more than happy to help!

by Khadija

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